Our Mission

Orchem Trading is a supply partner to international and local intermediary chemical manufacturers and the users of these products in Southern Africa. Concisely, the company is a reseller of intermediary chemical products that are used concomitantly with other ingredients to manufacture finished and semi-finished products.

Our Values

Our values-Resilience, Compassion, Perseverance-Your propriety. And, in our vision, we express the aforesaid mission of Orchen Trading as follows:

We will provide useful and safe intermediary chemical products and service into defined markets to exeed out customer expectations and thereby enhance our stakeholder satisfaction.

Our vision is supported by a “products offered” driving force and our core values of Resilience, Compassion and Preseverance as also applied to our Marketing Objectives.

Orchem trading is an evolving business. Our marketing objective is to build a diversified business to establish leading sales positions in the following categories:

  • Stable Base Business (SBB)
  • Groth Base Business (GBB)
  • New Growth Business (NGB)